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Food Bank at Tesco, Stratford upon Avon

Titch is a very friendly cat, who, as you can tell from these photos, is very sad to find himself homeless.  He loves his food but is less fond of the vet for certain (he was very vocal about it!).  Titch has been at the rescue for a while now, and seems quite overlooked even though he is a very nice boy. 



Arrived 11/07/19
Age:?          Sex: female   Neutered: yes   Vaccinated: no   Microchipped: yes

Fouda was born in Greece and lived on the streets making her own fortunes. She probably begged from the tourists. Having a very loud voice would have made her successful and she certainly expresses herself loudly. She probably had many litters of kittens as she has a rather saggy tummy. Fouda was accustomed to her freedom even though life must have been hard in the winter when no tourists were around.


One day Fouda met a lady who fell in love with her and decided to bring her back to the UK. Unfortunately the lady was unable to keep her when she arrived here and so Fouda came to the rescue. As you might imagine being kept in a pen is difficult for Fouda. She is friendly, but she really doesn't like being enclosed, the lack of freedom is difficult for  cat like her. Fouda likes a fuss, but can get frustrated and lash out. If she had access to a garden and was free to come and go we think she would make a good pet. She is never short of something to say and would be good company. She would need to be the only cat in the household and wouldn't like to be with young children, but she would be amusing company for someone with time and patience. Could that person be you ?