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We had moved house from 90 miles away and kept the cats in for more than two weeks.  The move unsettled Splat but we took him, on a harness, into the garden before letting him and our other two cats out on the Wednesday.  Came home.  All fine.  Cats went out each day and returned home.  On fourth day, Saturday morning, heavy rain.  Two cats in, no Splat.

What did we do to bring him home?  Everything.

Events on day Splat came home to us

A man, 300m from our house, phoned to say a cat fitting Splat’s description had been seen the previous week, asleep in his front garden.  (The man had been away for a few days and recognised Splat from the leaflet I dropped through his door.)  The cat skulked off nervously on belly when disturbed.  I talked to the man and saw where the cat had been.  That night after dark my daughter and I walked, with our other two cats (they will follow us, especially with a packet of Dreamies in pocket), up the road from our house to this man’s house.  We shouted and rattled food and searched with torches all the way there and back and took the cats to lay a scent.  We arrived home at 8.30pm.  At 10.30pm I opened the back door to lay everything in the garden for Splat … and he shot in like a rocket.  

In summary,I think he was unsettled by the house move, scared off his new territory by a cat already in residence, lost his way and became disorientated, laid low for a few days, coming out at night and eventually found his way back.

I shall never know what brought him back.  One particular event or a combination of events.  I would like to think that everything that my family and I did showed him the way home.

In my new village, Splat is a celebrity and I am known as the Crazy Cat Lady.  I have had a special and rapid introduction to my neighbours, far and wide, who, as complete strangers, called to ask if Splat had come home.  We love the village of Shottery and can finally settle down after the hiatus of Splat going missing and the terrible nine days it took to find him.

On 30 October 2016, Splat’s owner reports:

“Splat remains very nervous and is predominantly a house-cat.  He goes into the garden accompanied by us but is easily startled.  I'm sure when we move away from our current rented home and settle in a house with a cat flap he will feel safe to make little trips out.  Currently, without a cat flap, he senses that he cannot get back in the house, when the door closes, and the realisation terrifies him. I am just happy to have him home as a house-cat for a while longer.”

Splat Finds His Way Home

Splat, exhausted yet happy, after his return home.

My advice is to stay positive, don’t ever give up hope, know your cat and anticipate your cat’s needs. There is no way of knowing what brought our Splat home but keep trying and do not give up looking.

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