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Sophie was born at Avon Cat Rescue and was quite cuddly when she was young.  We had several black kittens at the time and she just didn’t get chosen, perhaps because she was one of the shy ones.  She was moved into Wildmoor two years ago and seemed to enjoy living in the group of ten cats with her sister and mother. Sophie is also small, much smaller than her sister.  

In the summer of 2016 it became apparent that she wasn’t eating at all with the group, only nibbling a few biscuits after the others had finished.  She began to lose weight, her fur becoming sparse and wrinkles on her forehead becoming very visible.  Sophie was then quite a pitiful figure and so she was taken to see the vet, although she found being put in the basket distressing.  

The vet could find nothing wrong with her apart from some gum inflammation and a couple of imperfect teeth.  She came home but still would not eat, even as we tempted her with chicken, fish and tuna.  After her dental work it was still a struggle to get her to eat.  She had a full blood test which found that she had a B12 deficiency.

The recommended solution for her was a six-week course of B12 injections, administered by the vet.  It was thought that her absorption of B12 was compromised and therefore administration of B12 by pills, orally, may not work.  We knew, though, that getting Sophie to the vet would be too stressful for her.  Therefore we decided to try her on a special form of B12, called methylcobalamin or methyl-B12, which is water-soluble and given in food.  We informed the vet of our decision and a close watch was kept on Sophie.

We are pleased to report that Sophie has responded well to the methyl-B12.  She has begun eating again.  Some of the volunteers have been extremely kind, cooking food especially for her and driving miles to hand-feed her.  Sophie has begun to look better, her coat has improved and she is gaining weight.  We are hoping that she will find her appetite again and get back her health and good looks.

Sophie enjoys snuggling up to Felix; a large black-and-white cat, who is her senior.  

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