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In July 2016 we adopted a beautiful little female cat, we call her Lola.  From the start she was very nervy; within one week she had been moved from her home to temporary accommodation and then to us, no wonder she was stressed.  Within a week of being with us, she came down with cystitis, she was constantly running to her litter box, straining and crying, then passing small amounts of urine.  We took her to the vet immediately, where she was prescribed Metacam for pain relief and given an antibiotic injection, resulting in a £94.00 bill.   

Lola: Recurrent Cystitis And D-Mannose

Lola recovered over a period of a week.  We were concerned because the vet had said that the condition would probably recur.  It did, within 3 weeks.  We were devastated for Lola.  We had just lost a fifteen year old male cat who had been ill throughout his final year.  Of course there are no guarantees in life, but we had hoped for some respite and to have a younger, presumably healthier, pet seemed like an ideal antidote to the stress and anguish we had been through with our dear boy.

Lola had more antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and again recovered over 7-10 days.  A very dear friend had suggested that we try D-Mannose on Lola.  The effect was just short of a miracle.  This is how it came about:

One night, Lola passed what looked like pure blood, was straining, crying and really in a bad way that was most distressing.  We figured that we had nothing to lose by administering the D-Mannose. Following the package instructions, we ground up a 1000mg tablet and sprinkled a little on some food for her.  She settled down and went for two hours without using the litter box again and, when she did, the urine was clear, no straining, no crying.  Lola slept for the rest of the night, eventually waking us with a loud demanding yowl - for food.  We continued the D-Mannose dosage for seven days, 1000mg over a 24-hour period.  Lola is out of pain and has not shed a drop of blood since.  We are going to keep her on what is known as the "pulse method", ie for 3 weeks she has nothing added to her normal diet, on the 4th week she has the aforementioned dosage for 7 days.  There is no risk of overdosing because the body eliminates what it doesn't use.

Result: one happy cat, two happy owners, £8.99 spent on 30 tablets (7 tablets used every 4 weeks) versus £94 spent on one visit alone to the the vet.

D-Mannose is a sugar that occurs naturally in cranberries.  It is also synthesised in the laboratory. Whilst the sugar is being eliminated from the body through the urinary tract, the sugar binds to sites where bacteria are attached.  The harmful bacteria are dislodged, then eliminated from the body.

References: https://www.vetinfo.com/d-mannose-for-cats.html.

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