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The following letter was received from someone who signed themselves ‘A Well-Wisher’.  Please read it, if you have the time to spare.

I had my little cat, Cookie, from you thirteen years ago.  At that time, she and her sister Kizzy had been with you for over two years.  They were so timid that they were deemed unhomeable and were close to being moved to a pen where they would stay for the rest of their lives.

One day I arrived at your centre with two cat carriers; I was determined that two cats would be coming home with me.  I visited all of the cats in your care, all beautiful in their way and all in need of love.  I wavered in making my selection and finally, knowing that Cookie and Kizzy were unlikely ever to find a home, I returned to their pen and said, “I'll have these two, please.”  Those little sweethearts came home with me that day and I vowed that come what may, they would never know a rescue centre again.  They would be with me always.

Over the years, Cookie and Kizzy flourished, always remaining timid, although less so as time passed.  Last week, Cookie died and part of me died with her.  Now I sit and watch with sadness as Kizzy calls and searches for Cookie, as she runs with joy to greet any visiting black cat in the mistaken belief that it is her sister, who has come home, finally, from a long journey.  How to explain to her that we shall never see Cookie again?

As I write, with love and sorrow in my heart, I wonder if anyone will ever pen such a note to you about Cilla?  Or will Cilla have to live forever in your rescue centre, never to experience again the peace of mind that comes with a home of her own? In September 2017 she will have been with you for two years.  Twice homed for short periods and twice returned to you.

Perhaps a really special cat-lover will be reading this note?  Someone who understands that cats, like us, have grumpy moments and are unable to lash out with their tongue, as we are.  Someone who, quite simply, wants to give a homeless cat a home.  Someone who will cherish Cilla because she is the way she is.  I am unable to give Cilla a home and I long to learn one day that she has found that special cat-lover and that she is enjoying, for her remaining years, the kind of life that my darling Cookie had.  Days that are seemingly long because they are filled with the security of human love and kindness.  I long to read the note that her owner sends you one day, thanking you for Cilla and telling you of the joy that Cilla had in her life.  May that special cat-lover come for you soon, Cilla.


In September 2015 an elderly gentleman brought Cilla to us because she was not allowed to accompany him into a care home.  Very quickly thereafter, she was homed then returned to us one week later because she 'attacked' the new owner's legs.

Subsequently, she remained in her pen for over a year until she was chosen again by a kindly family in November 2016.  The family had her vaccinated and microchipped.  Cilla was with them for five months and they adored her.  They said that she would sit on the sofa with them and be sweet.  One evening, however, when they tried to flea-treat her, she lashed out.  They were not worried for themselves but they were a little anxious about visiting grandchildren.  The family was so sad to have to return Cilla to us in April 2017.

We have learned that Cilla is fine if you stroke her from behind.  She loves a fuss and purrs but becomes agitated if she sees hands coming towards her or if she is picked up.  We do not know why she is like this, she just is.  It is difficult to get her into a cat carrier to go to the vet.  Other than that, she is very well-behaved, clean, quiet, loves to play and use her scratching pad.  She prefers to eat dry food and, occasionally, roast chicken.

Cilla seems quiet and somewhat depressed to be back, enclosed in a pen. Nonetheless, she is eating well and still likes a fuss and playing with her toys.  She would suit someone who does not want to handle a cat much and who would give her company, food and access to a garden.  She is now 11.