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I am a volunteer at Avon Cat Rescue and, in that capacity, I have come to know Emmie and would like to tell you about her.

We shall never know Emmie’s background, the life she led prior to being glimpsed roaming alone through the streets of Warwick. Was she abandoned? Did she stray from home? How far had she walked in those lonesome days, months or years even, searching for a meal, a place to shelter, a little kindness? Surely someone would notice and step in to help her?

Eventually, when Emmie could walk no further on those sore pads, a passer-by gathered her up and delivered her to us. Ridden with fleas, skinny, and crying for help, she was in a pitiful state and bore no means of identification. And so the crucial nursing began that brought Emmie back to life, back to the state of mind where she wanted to live.

Now, more than two years later, Emmie still cries for help. Not for any medical reason. Not for food. Not for attention. She cries for a home.

Many visitors pass through the rescue centre, all looking to take a cat or two home with them.Emmie has watched, in hope, followed swiftly by despair, as countless other cats have been chosen, have left their pen for ever to be transported lovingly to their new home. Twice, Emmie was the lucky winner and, twice, not so lucky, she was returned to the rescue centre. You may ask why? The answer is simple. Emmie was kept indoors and, as a result, became stressed. In this unfortunate manner, we learned that Emmie needed a home with a garden, a space to call her own. Since being returned the second time, however, every visitor has passed by and been unmoved by Emmie’s hopeful gaze.

Emmie is now happy and settled living at the rescue.